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Featured Classes & Programs

Postpartum Initiative

FREE classes for women between 8–24 weeks postpartum. Find the support, love and laughter you need!

Body Smarts

Hot Mama's 12-week fitness & nutrition education program! Lose weight, learn about proper nutrition & find group support like no other!

Mama & Me Fitness

Safe, fun and effective classes that you can bring your entire crew to. Newborns, mobile babes, toddlers and kids ALL welcome!

Toddler Tag-Out

Bring your Minis of all ages (newborn to school-aged) to workout. You sweat. They laugh and have active play.

Back on the Bandwagon

Have you gone off the rails lately when it comes to your workouts and calorie intake?
Hmmmm? Have you?

Bootylicious Run Group

New to running? Want to laugh & learn to run at the same time? Join us and achieve those run goals you've been contemplating.


Join our 28-day at-home fitness and nutrition program! No Hot Mama near you? No problem. You can join us through our online program!

Workout & Wine Nights

What more do we have to say. We workout. Then we drink wine and laugh...a lot! Join us for these crazy night & many other events!

Screw the Scale

Our 8-week Screw the Scale Strength & Empower class will make you sweat and make you stronger. You are more than numbers on a scale.

Screw the Scale — Online

A 6-week online fitness program like you've never seen before. Step off the scale and learn how to use fitness to love your body again!

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Meet Your Main Mama


Hot Mama & Franchise Owner

Also known as...

"Hey you!" ha!

I am a Hot Mama because...

I refuse to lose who I am as a person no matter what! The greatest gift you can receive is your health. I will do everything in my power to live my life to the fullest in all aspects: mentally, spiritually and physically! I never take life for granted or myself too seriously and I love breaking the mould! Mantra I live by: Fake it till you make it then rock it when you got it!

Joining the Hot Mama team and building my own Hot Mama community is the best decision I have ever made because...

I am able to have a working hobby and keep something that is just for me outside of being a mom, wife, daughter or friend. Being a mom can be rough at times but this keeps me grounded and reminds me who I am and what is important to me. The true blessing is having my little and other littles in our community look up to strong, independent mamas who value themselves and see what truly a healthy life and role model looks like!

Teaching for Hot Mama is...

F-U-N I get to yell at people all day!? YES! Nah... It is rewarding and a very humbling opportunity. Plus listen to great jams and dance?! Uh YEAH!

My favourite part of my body is...

You know, I really do not have a favourite part. I really embrace who I am all of the stretch marks, cellulite and imperfections. Thats what makes me, me!

I can often be heard saying (or yelling)...

Hard NO! Oh my... or REALLY?!

My favourite healthy snack is... But secretly I would rather be having...

Cajun chicken caesar salad wrap. See rebel without a cause... I guess thats more of a meal than a snack. But you get the idea. Secretly but not so secretly PIZZA or Chinese Food!

My perfect Sunday morning is...

Being left alone! Buahahaha

My dream vacation is...

Anywhere warm I can go out and sit and roast my tookus!

My favourite way to indulge myself is...

Binge watch reality TV with a warm NOT to hot cup of tea on a Friday or Saturday night. Around 9 PM in JAMMIES with snacks! Yup... thats it.. Bet you were expecting more. That is my Friday or Saturday night! Oh the goals! ha!